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The Current World

What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul? Yet today, many have sold their soul for much less, gratification being the payment that will only last a fraction of the timeline of judgment they will soon face. This is the world we are living in.

How do we as Christians, strangers in a world heading for destruction, keep walking in the faith without complying to any of the trends and norms that may arise? Do we easily give in without thinking, hoping to fit in, our subconscious minds aiming to make us accepted in a destination we don’t belong in.

So what’s wrong with the norms? Should we worry about them? Should it keep our minds occupied? Here’s something you need to think about. They can’t make you follow a norm unless it becomes mandatory, they would need to make the trends a part of life, part of survival. You might wonder, how would they do that? How would they accomplish such a feat? Well it’s pretty simple.

Back in the day people never really used money as a direct source of wealth. A man was wealthy by the amount of land he had or sheep or cattle or even gold. But recently, if you were hungry, you searched for money instead of food. Why? Because money has become the middle man between you and your need. So in order to obtain that money, you would have to get a job and work. Your sheep and cattle doesn’t really matter now does it? If you own land, you would need to sell your crops but the currency is still money. Every one needs an ID to be a citizen, you’re just a number. Everyone needs a license to drive, a bank account to earn and the list goes on. You probably wouldn’t be able to read this without an email address to your name.

And once you become part of the norm, you have to comply with the standards of that norm. Everyone is on social media yet we are afraid to post certain things because they are controversial, a conflict of interest. Even at work, you may not be allowed to speak about your faith in Christ Jesus yet colleagues can rave about alcohol and sex which are technically gods in the modern world. But you can get fired for speaking about Jesus and telling the truth.

So how much more compromises would we have to make in the future to be a part of this world? How much more can we go before we have no faith at all to gain that which is only temporary? How much will we lose of heavenly treasure before the world is comfortably enough to live in? Won’t we be empty both here and after we take our last breath? Won’t we have nothing to gain from it all except for empty gratification for a small fraction of our time on this deteriorating planet?

What happens when the expectations of this world clashes with what we believe? Who will our allegiance be given to? Will we be faithful to the King of kings? Or will we choose what’s popular and easy? Will we surrender our souls to a place that can’t even understand it?

What does it profit a man if he gained acceptance into a current world yet loses his soul…