Love & Beyond…

YOU CAN NEVER PREPARE FOR LOVE… I have spent many years studying the art of love and one must gain a broad perspective by observing relationships. You would find the ones that are bad and the ones that are good. From a boy demanding from his girlfriend about her whereabouts with foul language to couples […]


Overthinking… Oops! I’m overthinking again,Thoughts driving me insane,All this clutter in my brain,May all just be in vain. What once was,Now is no more,Today is nothing,Like how it was before. We miss our background,But keep moving forward,Hoping the future would supply,Something it never could. Search the past,Memories haunt me,Discover the future,Expectations taunt me. A man […]


MARRIAGEAFTERTRAUMA It is undeniable that our parents’ relationship affects the way we view love and romance. Our parents are a model for everything in our everyday life. They are constantly watching and learning; the doctrine of their parent’s life is brainwashing their subconscious minds. Parents become teachers of every aspect of everyday life, and yes, […]

The Canvas & the Painter

THE CANVAS & THE PAINTER I held the piece of parchment in my hands as I walked down the cobbled street. The parchment had directions to a certain location, an invite from an unknown host. I turned left, then right, and right again. I came to a white door. I knocked twice, and the door […]


And there I was, sitting at my desk one quiet evening, typing away at my latest manuscript. But to my dismay, a loud crack struck the night outside, and I knew that a storm had come. I wasn’t prepared to switch my computer off as I was determined to complete the manuscript. So I kept […]


She moved next door five years ago with her family, and I’ve caught every glimpse of her as possible whether she was leaving for school or washing dishes behind the kitchen windows. Now and then, whenever it was, she would sit on the porch swing and play the guitar, her sweet voice filling the night. […]


WHY I WON’TTAKETHE VACCINE KRISTIAN m.MARION Ever since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in 2019, people have lived in panic, fear and paranoia. The only thing that spreads faster than the virus was the lies about it because if the truth was exposed, the pandemic would have been over long ago. You may hate to […]


GUEST BLOGGER NADINE MEL KODI THE LOVE OF GOD IS THE GREATEST LOVE What is love? What is love? This is a question very few individuals have the answer to. It is impossible to understand the term ‘love’ without experiencing the love of God. This research paper serves to provide factual information, with suitable references […]

Haunted Memories

hAUNTED MEMORIES THE LIBRARY IN YOUR MIND HAS NO EXITS… I don’t need to knock on the door of the mansion, it’s always open. The doors are there to enter but never to exit. You can stay as long as you like but that’s not always a good thing. You can never destroy this architectural […]


THE DECAY OF TIME CAN WE REVERSE THE SIDE EFFECTS OF A BLINDFOLDED GENERATION? I don’t know whether anyone has felt this way but I wouldn’t know until I expose the way I feel. And when you expose the way you feel, you might be criticized for it or you might receive relative feedback, a […]