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Now, I know some people might doubt the possibility of me ever downloading a dating app, but I tried over ten different ones! Yes! Unbelievable, right?

But not as unbelievable as my experience. I can attest that I am not the only one who feels this way, even though the majority of Christian people out there have had amazing experiences with online apps such as Christian Connection. However, the question is, why do people try online dating apps in the first place?
Some are using it for safety reasons as the world is a bit crazy out there, but that only gives the perpetrator more power to hide their identity while they gain your trust with twisted and manipulated text messages. Others may see it as a convenient way to meet with people because fate seems to have been broken since the world has gone digital. That’s true; convenience has created reasons for people to stay at home, and so did the statistics of crime and rape.
But still, something didn’t click with me when I began swiping, I can tell you that I was not swiping right. I swiped left on the whole area of my town!  Tinder profiles hardly had members with a proper bio because they were compensated with bikini apparel. It was obvious that their intentions were not for long-lasting relationships because men who were looking for sex would most probably be swiping right on their profiles. And the ones who had good meaningful bios were lightyears away. 
Christian Connection was filled with women who were much older than me, making it seems as if they had waited long enough and now they had to resort to desperate means. That’s my opinion anyway. People were making great efforts to look good and create a good image of themselves, but I felt I could see right through them. I know I will get criticized for writing this, but it felt like the leftovers of all that was ever taken were now condensed into a software application for each other to find. The question was: What on earth was I doing here?
What did I think of myself, that I became an option, a possibility to whoever could possibly swipe me without hesitation?
Did I lose sight of my value since I could very well be a backup option to someone else?
Why did my future marital state depend on a match which is the possibility of chance?
And suppose there were many matches? What choices would one make? What would be the guide or rationality of this decision?

The point I’m making is this: Almost everything in our lives has been replaced by the internet or software applications, the way we buy, the way we contact others, the way we eat, the way we exercise, even the way we are entertained. Does falling in love have to be in that category? Are we going to need an app to love our spouses and raise our children? There are some things we need to let God be in control, and maybe if we converted swipe time into prayer time we will not waste our time…