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Oops! I'm overthinking again,
Thoughts driving me insane,
All this clutter in my brain,
May all just be in vain.

What once was,
Now is no more,
Today is nothing,
Like how it was before.

We miss our background,
But keep moving forward,
Hoping the future would supply,
Something it never could.

Search the past,
Memories haunt me,
Discover the future,
Expectations taunt me.

A man keeps working,
But he never has enough,
He is only pronounced rich,
When he owns a bunch of stuff.

The old man has no time left,
To utilize what he has learned,
The young has their life like a book,
Close to the flames and the pages are burned.

The elders teach teenagers,
The pensioners advised by minors,
Yet no one understands,
That our days are like countdown timers.

And last but not least,
There is love and affection,
If it is deep enough,
It can change the hearts direction.

The heart overpowers the mind,
Leaving you vulnerable and bare,
That's the only way to feel what's real,
Especially when you find a love that's rare.

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