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As I turn 24 today, it is quite shocking to realise that’s my age. Even my dad was astonished that he had a 24 year old son. I guess it’s because I had a whole year practice of answering everyones question: “How old are you?”. My automatic response of ’23’ must now be forgotten and replaced with ’24’.

Interesting enough, the more time goes by, it becomes essential that I examine my life. Every year that passes by, I need to hold it to account. That’s a lot of precious time. I need to examine my priorities, have I kept up with what’s most important? Or have I spurned it on things that won’t matter. Yes, we must have fun. But what’s the point of having fun for one day and use the rest of your life running from the consequences of that one action?

Whay would you say? I’m too uptight and boring? Well, how does being in prison for something stupid equate to excitement? Or how does being in hospital induce euphoria? In Christ, we have purpose, tragedy may come but at least it won’t be because of our actions. We have endurance and perserverance, not regret.

So, at 24, I understand that God has brought me thus far. But my age only provides me the epiphany of how much more needs to be done. There’s souls to engage the Gospel to, strangers to meet, people to inspire, books to write, poems to compose and lives to change. And suddenly, all the time in the world does not seem enough….