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Why Do We Get Married?

Pastor: Do you, young man, take this woman to be your awfully wedded wife?

Groom: Don’t you mean; Lawfully wedded wife?

Pastor: Get with the times son! It’s 2019!


But seriously, why do people get married? Why are there even relationships? (I’m not endorsing non-marital relationships, fornication is still a sin!) It just doesn’t make sense….

So to make this easier for you to understand my point of view, I have decided to format this blog post into a dialogue between me and my mind. Here goes…

Mind: Why do people get married?

Kristian: Because they are lonely?

M: But how many couples are lonely even in their marriage?

K: Well, maybe they love each other?

M: Yeah, they love each other enough until they hate each other? And then they love someone else after that!

K: No, sometimes they build a family.

M: Yeah. A family that they complain about?

K: The whole point of marriage so that they can have kids…

M: Kids? Then explain to me why there are so many abortions?

K: Well, some want kids to raise up, children that they will raise up…

M: Then why are the orphanages so filled with toddlers?

K: Look, not all marriages end up like that, some are different…

M: Yeah, some end up in divorce, some in abuse, and let’s not forget the inevitable, death…

K: Yeah, death is inevitable but the rest is caused by couples who don’t involve Christ in their marriages.

M: Strange.

K: What’s strange?

M: 50% of all marriages end in divorce, most of them are Christians!

K: Well, it’s obvious that they never had Christ in their marriage. Most Christians don’t spend time with God, that’s why families fall apart.

M: And who told you that?

K: The Bible.

M: But the Bible says in Matthew 19:10 that it’s better not to marry…

K: Don’t do this to me…

M: I have to. I’m trying to save you from trouble.

K: I had enough. Conversation over!

M: Oh no, You know it’s better this way, besides, I have already trained you to be single…

K: Yeah, whatever, it’s the Lords will that will prevail…

M: ……


Yeah so that’s it, hope you enjoyed this blog post. It kind of makes you think. It’s no use getting into marriage unless you are all in. The stakes are high but the outcome is worth it. So go love like never before….