Everyone dies, but not everyone has to fear death. Some are so afraid of death that they do everything to escape it as if it was possible to avoid that day.  You can’t run from something that is inevitable. Some, however, embrace it in the hope that they can escape from their hard life situations. Suicide seems like a possible solution but it is selfish and futile. The irony is that while someone is fighting for their life in the ICU, another wilfully takes their own life.

Suicide doesn’t take away the pain. It only passes it on to others. It’s practically throwing away the wonderful life you never knew you had.

The fear of death is proof that there is an afterlife. No one is afraid of nothing. If dying is just decomposing in the ground, there wouldn’t be nothing to fear.

What people actually fear is accountability.

No one wants to be judged for their sins. They don’t want to repent from them either. They fear that when they see God face to face, they will be filled with regrets. They, however, contemplate a time for repentance for a later time in their lives but death can strike at anytime, sometimes unexpectedly. A Christian should never fear death, because just like Christ, we will rise again. And besides, death is the last enemy to defeated.

Without death, there can never be life.

These are 3 incidents where I almost died but I know for a fact God saved me from it:

  1. I was working in a workshop and I had pulled up a half ton motor off the ground using a crane. I was separating it from something so I was opening bolts. there was four. When I came to the last one, it wouldn’t come out. For some reason it wouldn’t budge. I brought it down and found that if I did pull out the last bolt, that half ton motor would have swung and hit me probably crushing me.
  2. At the same workshop, I was told to climb up a ladder on the second platform. I was told to pull a cable that was probably 30m long. I kept pulling it until someone shouted for me to stop. That person ran to the switch and turned off the power. Little did I know, at the end of the cable was raw live wire that could hold 380v. That type of current will melt you on the spot.
  3. After work at a plant, I walked out of the gate and crossed the street. I sat on a pavement that was quite far from the road that was rushing with traffic. A minibus taxi comes out of nowhere and starts overtaking all the cars, its wheel grinding the kerb. In a moment, I spun and jumped out of the way in the nick of time as the taxi scraped the kerb that I was sitting at just seconds ago.

The fear of death should not be confused with the natural instincts of the brain to avoid danger.

We will all meet each other one day, until then, live like Christ.

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