Did you know that scientists know the exact composition of a diamond? They can reproduce it in the lab because diamonds are 99.95% carbon. You may think that this will bring the price of diamonds down but fortunately, diamond cutters can pick out the difference between the two. This is because they have worked with diamonds for so long that they can spot the slightest of discrepancies possible. Therefore the value of diamonds will stay the same. Hopefully.

In the world that we live in, it is impossible to miss a miracle. There is certain events that cannot be explained by rationality. Jesus raising the dead was easier to accept than someone healed of cancer today. Christ can heal. He did it before and He can do it again. Even today.

But what happens when we see miracles that are not happening in the name of Jesus? There is only one God. There can not be another. So how is it that there are people who claim to know the future? Or can heal people? How is it possible?

In Exodus chapter 7-10, we find that for every miracle God performed through Moses, the magicians tried to copy. This is the counterfeit miracle of Satan. So now we have:

The miracle from God                                                        The real Diamond

The illusions of Satan                                                         The fake Diamond

Since there is a difference, we need to rely on the Holy Spirit for discernment to know the difference.

We find that in some religions, people can walk on hot coals without being seared by the heat. Yet Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego was in a fiery furnace that was heated seven times than the normal.

God sent a prophet to tell the future yet psychics can see the future.

What is the difference? It’s simple.

God’s miracles glorify God. While Satan’s illusions glorify man because he will do anything to take anyones focus off God no matter where it may go. You will  also need to look at the fruit of the person performing miracles. Is he consistent with the fruits of the Holy Spirit or is he of the world?

As you continue to study God’s word and pray, may He lead you to righteousness and discernment. Chase after God, not miracles. Remember that the gifts are irrevocable but fruits are based on the way a person lives.

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