It was a Friday afternoon. I was reading my Bible during a free lesson while the rest of the class chatted away all around me. I came across a Scripture in Psalms (Can’t remember what verse), I felt I had to tell someone this verse in the Bible. However, the person who I will call Frank (Not his real name), was an atheist. He was my friend and of course we were pulled into many apologetic debates due to the differences in our beliefs. When you live for Christ, you will be have this discussions with friends who are not believers. The Bible says that we should not be unequally yoked. If we are, we will get along well with non-Christian friends because of course, we are compromising. I tried to bring him to SCA (Student Christian Association) but he only came once stating that it ‘was a waste of time’.

He always mocked Christianity and hanging around him was somewhat distasteful. So here I sat in maths class with a decision, to share a single scripture about God. I saw him laughing with his friends and made a rational decision not to go there. I just sat and read some more…..

The next day, a storm hit the coast of Durban causing the roads to be flooded. Frank and his sister were being transported by their father when they hit a water puddled. The car hydroplaned and capsized, tumbling on the road, but a truck following them rammed into them killing the siblings on impact……..

I never knew that it would have been the last time I would see him

Oblivious to all this, I pitched up at school on monday. It was drizzling and everything was wet, but even the faces of those under umbrellas were moist. They were crying. I asked around only to hear the devastating news that Frank had passed away in an accident. The school had a funeral in his honour……


I sometimes look back, in regret, maybe if I did something different or approached him with more love. But no matter what, it’s too late now and nothing can be done. This always raises a question in  the back of my mind. How many of our unsaved friends are we still going to see tomorrow? Will they be there? Are we faithfully accomplishing our duties that we have been given from on high or are we too busy protecting our reputations because we are ashamed of Christ? Are we so worried about what people are thinking about us that we forget what God thinks? That we set aside our beliefs so that our friends can step into eternity without salvation?

Can we even call ourselves Christian?

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