A day has 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds.

How much of that do we give to God? Who gives to us the breath to stay alive in that same amount of time….

We give a tenth of our money to God. But if we gave a tenth of our time that would be more than 2 hours…

If we spent at least half an hour that would only be 2% of our day!

8 hours at work is equivalent to 33.3%

A 3 hour movie is equivalent to 12.5%

We don’t realise it but we actually spend far too less time.

One might say that we don’t need to put time for God. You must put God in your time. That would be true. We could pray all the time at anytime of the day. We can meditate on His word or read His word at anytime. But what about intimate time with the Creator? Resting in His presence? Meditating? What about silent time so that we can let God speak to us?

Our time is short. Our time is given by God, can we not give Him back some of it? If we do not desire to feel more of His presence, we do not desire heaven….

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