If only we knew that accepting Jesus as our personal Saviour is just the initiation process. Some ‘Christians’  are satisfied by that and continue living in sin, a cheap grace/ perverted grace/ hyper grace mentality.

Jesus accepts anyone but He loves them too much for them to remain the same.

Jesus wants to save you from your sin. His intention is to remove sin from your life and make you holy. He brings change into our lives. This is sanctification. If we could change ourselves, we would then be able to save ourselves too but we still do not know what standard to transform to. That is why Christ has saved us and has allowed us to go through the sanctification process.

Sin is what separates us from God. Sin is removed bu his blood that was shed on the Cross of calvary.

But God doesn’t stop there….

He wants to eliminate the core reason of sin which is the flesh. The removal of all sin, and even the cause of it will draw us ever to God. Yes He  has made us holy and righteous but we need to respond to His sanctification process which is only possible through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our response will make the flesh dead and the spirit alive. We will walk in the Spirit, transformed and raised up to do what He has called us to do. Yes we do sin but we do not practice it. We keep upon the path of repentance. We can then do His will without satan stopping you with guilt and condemnation.

The question is:

Is rejecting the sanctification process of sanctification indicate the rejection of His great salvation?

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