How often do people think of God let alone speak of Him? Or do what He has commanded? No one seems to acknowledge God in their thoughts.

If you acknowledge God in your thoughts, it would seep through to your speech and overflow into your actions.

Everyone is reminded about God through many factors but after constant disregard, their minds begin to deteriorate to the point where it is highly absurd that God can be involved in any situation possible.

And since God no longer take place in their mind, other things will like money, work and wicked concepts of this world. This tragedy also affects those in the Church who only cater one day a week for some invisible being in the sky.

Everything starts in the mind. It is the origin of all things. When we look at this world, every action is derived from speech which in turn is derived from an idea. We don’t see God out there, do we? Why? Because God is no longer in the minds of people! They wouldn’t allow their conscience to affect them. How can they change?

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