Did you know that scientist know the exact composition of a seed so much so that they can reproduce it in a lab? Yet when they plant that seed it cannot grow. Why? Because it lacks the life substance. Only God can give life. A baby grows the fastest in 9 months than it will ever in its lifetime. Yet after a baby is born, the growing eventually stops and the reverse process occurs. We literally begin to die slowly until old age and then death. Only God can give life because He is the source of it. He is life. So do we need to fear about life? No. because God is in control of our lives and even the next one. Ever since the fall of man, people have been dying. Adam lived to 930 and Methuselah died when he was 969. Abraham died at 175. Eventually the life expectancy of people dropped.

Today the life expectancy of America is 78. Israel is 82. South Africa is 57. Slowly but surely, death is creeping in. There’s a solution. His name is Jesus. He died upon the cross for all our sins. And when it all ends, we will have eternity…

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Kristian M. Marion