And there I was, sitting at my desk one quiet evening, typing away at my latest manuscript. But to my dismay, a loud crack struck the night outside, and I knew that a storm had come. I wasn’t prepared to switch my computer off as I was determined to complete the manuscript.

So I kept on typing…

Suddenly, a flash lit the world outside before a spark erupted from my computer screen, throwing me back into oblivion.

I awoke, to find myself lying on the carpet. I got to my feet only to find that I was not in my office. No. I was in a waiting room. And there seated on one of the chairs was an old man dressed in white, even his hair and moustache were white. There were eight doors in the office all numbered.

“Wait a minute,” I said, “this looks familiar.”

The old man was about to say something but door number seven opened, and a young man walked out and looked back. Inside the room was a middle-aged woman who waved and said, “Goodbye, son.”

Then the room spun into a blur. I began to feel dizzy as I fell, I found myself seated on one of the chairs when everything returned to normal.

“What!” shouted the young man but the old man held him back.

“I’m sorry you can’t go back,” he said with soft eyes.

“I can do what I want!” he spat as he ran to the door.

I got up to stop him but the old man stopped me, “Sorry, Kristian, but you can’t change the story. It is the way it is.

“Mort, I’m the author, I can change anything.”

“I ran to Sean but I was too late, the train had already come through the doorway, throwing the door. At me. I was thrown back with impact, once again into oblivion.

I opened my eyes, the bright greenery filling my vision. I struggled to get to my feet, noticing the blotches of red on the trees.

The Jura Berry.

That can’t be good. So first I was in my first book, Suicide Mission, and now, I’m in Shanagai. My location is somewhere between Gallano and Shanagai, which means I am indeed in mortal danger.

Think, Kristian, think!

The roar from behind was deafening as I turned with breakneck speed to see the horrendous creature charge at me. 

I had to run.

I bolted through the forest, moving between the trees, the monster gaining on me from behind. Leaves and branches slapped at my face as I finally made it to the muddy path. A treehouse in the distance changed my direction as I ran with determination towards the only refuge I knew. I chanced a glance back and found that more creatures had joined the chase. Fortunately, the ladder was already on the ground when I got to the treehouse and I climbed up as fast as I could.

As soon as I got to the top, I quickly pulled up the ladder and heaved a breathless sigh of relief.

“Hello, there!”  came a singsong voice.

I jumped in fright, “What the heck?”

I turned to see the Jungle Girl, she wore brown boots with dark green shorts and an olive t-shirt. She stared at me with emerald eyes.

“I’m the Jungle Girl. Are you afraid?”

“Huh, no!”

“Some people fear the unknown, but since you wrote all this, doesn’t that mean you fear the known?”

“Oh, please. Really? I should have thought twice before making you the most annoying character in this story!”

“Am I really? I know you don’t truly believe that.”

I sighed, “Okay, now how do I get out from here?” 

I looked down to see the creatures staring up at me, eagerly.

“Don’t worry, Kristian, I have just the thing,” she moved to a table and opened the drawer, and took out a purple fruit.

“Here, eat this and you’ll be able to leave this dimension of Authorverse.”


“Yes, silly,” she singsonged, “All this wouldn’t be possible without your imagination.”


I bit into the juicy fruit which sent my mind reeling into nothingness.

I woke up to find myself on hard rock.

“Oh no,” I wasn’t back home yet.

“Funny thing, Kristian,” came a feminine voice.

I got up to see a woman dressed in a white dress.


“I finally meet the one who writes about me but has never met me.”

“Great! Another critic.”

“I’m not a critic; I just tell the truth the way you do.”

“Let me guess; I have to jump to get back.”

“Isn’t that how the plot unfolds?”

I sighed, “What’s with the Authorverse anyway?”

“The Authorverse is your prized possession, Kristian. It’s where everything you ever wanted to happen takes place.”

“So, aren’t I changing the storyline by being here?”

“No, this is well after it ends. We are in the limitless bounds of your story. You haven’t changed anything.”

“Okay, it was nice meeting you, but I’ve got to jump.”

“Go well, Kristian, but I want to leave you with one thing.”

“And what is that?”

“It’s good that you wrote a book on love, but you have to believe in it too.”

Before I could argue, she had disappeared, leaving a faint white trail of mist.

“Oh, bother.” I sighed as I dived into the deep tranquil waters below…


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