A few years ago, there was an incident where someone was greatly upset that I was attending class quite early. This resulted in him having to leave his current class which he was supposed to as the next lesson had begun. And after much time, he reprimanded me while i was waiting in line. Being a person who avoids trouble as much as I can, I apologized. However, that did not stop him from slapping me across my face with a deft movement of his hand. My glasses spun away, hit a window and fell to the ground. Someone had to pick it up for me because I couldn’t see it. The assailant disappeared by then. The Physics teacher asked if I wanted to report it to the principal but I declined. I said that i had forgiven him and God would deal with him. But here I was, sitting at my desk crying, tears blinding my vision of the chalkboard filled with notes that I needed to take down. Two girls arrived at my desk asking if I was okay. I wasn’t. But I just said “Yes” because it was awkward seeing your friends stare at you as you sob for an hour.

I knew that God would sort him out. Vengeance is His. That was what the Bible says. I imagined him being struck by lightning or knocked over by a passing vehicle. Something! I had forgiven him but his consequences were coming…..

I’m not a racist but his race was black. And I had many black friends. Many….. I do not know what had happened, but they probably spoke to him. I went to use the toilet one day and there he was… I turned around to leave but he called out to me. I expected him to cause more trouble. I knew there was going to be a showdown…

“I’m sorry” he said. “Can you forgive me?”

“I already have.” I replied.

But I knew that I hadn’t. Forgiveness isn’t just choosing not to take revenge.

It’s choosing to bless instead of cursing. To leave it all to God to decide. God isn’t going to kill all your enemies. He might save some of them! If they become a new creation, the old self is buried so technically, your enemy is dead. Remember, we all have sinned against God, did he go and kill all of them? No, He died for their sins and forgave them.

Yes, there are people who have hurt us really bad. But…..

Once they have stopped, are you not hurting yourself now with bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness? You then are no better than the one who hurt you as you have merely taken their place!

‘Father, forgive them, for not know what they do…’     – Jesus.

If your pain is greater than His, then you are justified to have unforgiveness. So how do you get rid of the pain? Focus on the Healer, not on the one won caused it. Then you will be set free from your past.

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  1. Wow… Its not easy to forgive when weve been wronged. We need to be free, & we need to forgive others. Its in the Bible, or we wont receive forgiveness from the Father. Its very hard sometimes, very hard. Like you said, only God can help us with this. We need to focus on Him, thank you for sharing!! 🙏🙌

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