I don't need to knock on the door of the mansion, it's always open. The doors are there to enter but never to exit. You can stay as long as you like but that's not always a good thing. You can never destroy this architectural structure built deep within your mind, on the foundation of time. It is a memory palace and everything is stored effectively and is constantly updated on a daily basis.

Some of the rooms are good and some are bad,
Some of the rooms are pleasant and some are sad.
The walls grow longer as time gets shorter,
The suffocating silence is true torture.

Gravity grips your heart
Almost tearing it apart
While your mind floats in space
The present disappears without a trace

One room has memories, the traditional routines that we embraced during a time in our lives, a time before change sacrificed what we had for what we could have. We don't normally notice what has changed until something triggers our minds. A scent, a taste, a picture or a song, and then like a flood, the plethora of feelings and memories submerge our hearts in the deluge of nostalgia. Time pauses for a moment has your chest tightens, a deep breath attempt before you realize that nothing you ever do can take you back there.

Then we have the other room, where regret is painted all over the walls and ceilings, carpeted with a million questions.
I wish I did this.
I wish I did that.
If I only I never said that.
If only I never did that.
You cringe as you walk in, swallowing the lump in your throat, but no redemption can be found in this coordinates. It is what it is, and nothing can be done about it. Regrets shows two faces: What we did, and what we never did.

Don't go into the attic, the items hidden in the old wooden chest would make your blood boil. It is the room in the roof that causes many to become sick, causing early deaths to those live here. All the pain and hurt is kept in closets, spreading bitterness from the mind to the heart, and when it finally infects the soul, there is no turning back. Who knew that a man can self-condemn himself? Who knew that one could cause himself pain and suffering. You can't leave the attic but you can get rid of what's in there.

When you finally go through every room, which are many, you would find a unfortunate condition that all men are in. it is the inevitable fate of all mankind and there is no remedy.
For if you make no memories, you will be filled with regret, and all you will have for the rest of your life is guilt.
And if you do make memories, the constant change of time will bring about nostalgia and the melancholy reminisce will cause you to miss all that you used to have. It's like having many lifetimes but you can't go back to the ones you have left, because it's lost in endless time.

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