Ever wondered why people are fearful on Friday, the 13th? It never made sense to me until I found out the origin. It’s just plain superstition! Apparently, Jesus and His twelve disciples were sitting around the table at the Last Supper. That makes thirteen people present. And since the climax of these events were the prequel to the grueling death of Jesus, Friday 13th is a prediction of unpleasant events that might follow.


How on earth can people believe such superstition that they have taken out of the Bible, twisted and manipulated and created a bizarre belief that fills so many with fear today. Christians should never live in fear. God has not give us a spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind. So we shouldn’t fill our minds with man-made tradition and myths as this will taken our eyes of the Truth. That Jesus is Lord every day and nothing can harm us because we are in His fold. The Good shepherd is near, so why should I fear?

If they fear Friday the 13th, we should rejoice every Sunday the 15th, because Jesus rose again that day.

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