A Sequel On ‘How To Forgive’

A couple of years ago, I was in my first year of training. I was studying half the year and working the other for practical experience in mechanical fitting. It is an engineering field were you repair machinery. I was positioned in a pump repair company.

One must understand that the engineering industry is not a cordial environment were everyone treats you in a nice way even when they don’t want to. In the informal sector, they swear like sailors and treat you like trash.

I was marking a multistage pump one day and an employee who was fairly new just came to me and started insulting me. Calling me inappropriate names while questioning me if I knew what I was doing.  Now, here’s the situation, I have a ball pein hammer in my hand and a punch that marks the metal with numbers.

I have a hammer in my hand!


He then proceeded to make me react by throwing dummy shots. I told him to stop and continued with my work. And then, he headbutted me! Grabbed his trolley and went away. My friend from the same college saw what had happened and told me to inform the seniors about it but I decided not to. I decided to leave it to God. What  no one knew was that this entire event was in full view of the company’s camera.

A worker comes to me the next day jokingly, “I heard people have been assaulting you” he laughed.  I said “Yes” and then he was concerned and he reported it to the manager who then informed the boss. Now things were getting serious and this was not my intentions….

The next day I was called by the boss to his office. He asked me what happened and on his computer, the entire event was played out. There’s the hammer in my hand and he’s headbutting me!

“I’m so thankful that you did not react to his action. It would have made this much harder for me.” said the boss. And a week later, the guy got fired.

Sometimes, impulse can cause you to make wrong decisions and we need to think before we act.

Even if it makes you look like a loser on camera, what matters most is how you look in the eyes of God…


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