So I was really interested in apologetics as the Bible says that you always give an answer for the hope that is within you….. 1 Peter 3:15. I decided to research apologetic debates and i did this on Google+. I then joined an atheist community to see what their arguments were all about.

Not a word of lie…. all the posts were Biblical scriptures! Why? They weren’t posting things against Christianity, they were posting things about the Bible! So i decided to comment…

“Hello there..
I just joined this community about atheism but all i see here is Christian stuff! What’s happening here?”

Immediately somebody started to verbally abuse me with foul language. However, one guy actually stood up for me by saying:

“Wait a minute here. That’s a good point! This is an atheist community, why is there things about the Bible? That’s a good question…”

And they started to argue amongst themselves, I slipped out of their community, never to be seen again…

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