With the sudden outburst of recent events, it can be no clearer that we are much closer to the end than ever before. But of course, it is impossible to go any farther from the end of all things as we travel through time in only one direction. The world as it is, has become desensitized to the humanity we all used to engage in. Wickedness has become common and this doesn’t alarm us anymore.

As a South African citizen, I have spent the last week at home because it was unsafe to commute to work. Why? Because South Africa was looted and set alight by a planned riot that lasted for more than a week. Malls, shops, businesses, warehouses and even NPO’s were looted and burnt to the ground. Over 200 people lost their lives as civilians took to the streets to form barricades that prevented protestors from entering their area and destroying what they had spent years building up. The South African Police Services took too long to respond in some areas and they couldn’t hold back the violent beasts from pillaging cities. By the time the South African National Defence Force got involved, everything was already destroyed. Chemical plants were burned down, their hazardous product seeping into the beaches and lagoons nearby, killing marine life.

When the war was over, SAPS turned their attention to innocent patrollers who had barricaded their roads to protect their families. They were told that the barricades were illegal and uncalled for. Yet it was the barricades that prevented unlawful entry of looters who aimed to wreak havoc on unsuspecting households.

Racial tension began to stir as a few unknown individuals were spreading hate speech and fake news of murderous threats. As it is, businesses were gasping for air after the lockdown had choked them last year, unfortunately, many will drown this time.

South Africa has experienced three mild tremors in the past week, not measuring more than 3.0 on the seismograph, but it hasn’t been the only incident this year. And the recent unrest was planned, with some of the rioters being armed with AK47s, a type of weapon that isn’t even allowed in the country.

But of course, this isn’t the only place where crazy end time events are occurring. There are other countries that have either lost their minds or have been challenged by tragic or mysterious events.

Israel has developed pig-human hybrid organ for transplant.

A Muslim father in Uganda beats and poisons his dautghter because of her faith in Christ.

A Russian Orthodox Church has stated that refusing to take the vaccine is a sin.

A ship explodes in Dubai.

The president of Haiti was assassinated.

Iran’s railway system was hit with a cyber attack.

Thousands gather in Paris to protest against mandatory vaccinations.

A beauty salon in Dubai are microchipping nails as a new way of making business card payments.

45 churches are burnt down in Canada.

Mackenzie Morgan, a worship leader has accused Hillsong, Bethel and Elevation of heresy.

And that’s the summary of it, I didn’t want to go into all the gory details of new cryptocurrency, space army in Germany, Chinese government hunting down religious material, UK churches accepting homosexual marriages, pastors claiming that AI is actually summoning up demons and so forth. The world has gone crazy and it’s moving away from Biblical principles but at the same time moving towards the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.

So, what can we do?

It is time for the church to arise and stop wasting time with trivial pursuits. This life is no longer a game where sin is something we constantly entertain, because it is the same sin that is hindering us from carrying out our divine purpose. The sooner we realize that the more swifter and stronger we will be in following God’s will for our lives. We need to stop chasing prosperity and fame and realized that we are called to preach the Gospel to those who are perishing out here. We need to live in holiness in preparation for the coming bridegroom. If we are wallowing in the mud of our sins, we will not hear the knock on the door when He arrives.

Do you have enough oil in your lamp? Are you carrying extra oil? Are we fast asleep? If Christ had to come tonight, would we recognize Him? Are we living for Him or are we living for our carnal desires? Will the church be ready or will we be a traditional member of an organization that tells us to be seated in the pews every Sunday? Have we stood for righteousness or have we fallen for the pleasures of this world? Have we chosen to please people instead of Jesus?

Are we not to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus? And will He not come when the full number of Gentiles have rolled in?

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