We often complain when things don’t go our way, probably because it wasn’t supposed to go our way but God’s way. But we tend to land in situations that don’t expect to land in. This can sometimes discourage us on the beliefs that we keep. And we tend to ask:

Why does God allow this?

Why did this happen?

Why am I here?



And this really has our mind boggled because why would a good God allow us to be surrounded by evil?

In Acts 16:22-24, Paul and Silas were doing exactly what God had told them to do; preach the Gospel. Yet somehow, they were beaten and thrown in prison. They were flogged and that meant they were bleeding. Then imprisoned. With chains. This is the most gloomiest picture that can possibly describe the apostles life.

Yet, nevertheless, they were singing praises to God in their trial {vs 25}. Instead of complaining about their wounds and the tremendous pain that they had to endure, the chains that bound them and the prison atmosphere, they praised God. The irony is that, though they were held in the prison, they knew they were free.

{vs 26} An earthquake shook the entire place. When you praise God, things happen and when things happen, whatever is temporary will be annulled. We see this as every gate was opened and every chain came loose.

Notice this!

The praise session of the apostles never only give them freedom but every prisoner was set free! We are called into certain distasteful situations to bring the presence of God into that situation. And once His presence is in that circumstance, there will be freedom.

If Paul and Silas wasn’t thrown into prison, the jailer and his whole family would never had been saved! God called them to carry out His divine will.

Are you going through tough situations? Are you being used by God and are you complaining about it? You might never know what God has in store for you….

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