Have we ever thought about the life of Jesus in its entirety? How He lived and what He did? We are given a great deal of the last three and half years of His life but never think about years that past by before that. Before the temptation. Before the baptism.


He was born in Bethlehem. Everyone knows that. Yet as soon as He was born, His life was in danger. Herod planned to kill all the infants of two years and younger. (Matthew 2:16) This means that there was no one around that was the same as Jesus! No one He could relate to. He was a loner! Did we ever think about that? Do we sometimes feel alone? Like no one is around? No one we could relate to? Jesus knew what it was to be an outcast. He knows You.

Apart from the beginning of every Gospel, Joseph isn’t mentioned. It is traditionally known that he had died in the early years of Jesus. Joseph was a carpenter who probably trained Jesus in the skills of the trade. It is obvious that Jesus had to take the reins of the family business as He was considered the eldest. There was probably a need and being a carpenter brought income to the home. Remember, that He was talking to teachers of the law when He was 12. According to Jewish tradition, a boy is responsible for his own spirituality at the age of 12. Most Rabbi’s had to have the Torah memorized by 13. If they became a Rabbi, they were fortunate as they would have abandoned their fathers trade to become teachers of the law. Jesus grew up in favour of many and He would have been the best expert on the law if he had taken that opportunity. However, He chose to look after His family over that opportunity. He would have probably began his ministry when His brothers could support the family efficiently. He never study anything. That is why many marvelled, they were astonished at the fact that He had never studied but He was adept in the Scriptures.

Do we sometimes feel like we are called to do something but it’s not happening now? Maybe we need to wait for the appointed time?

Maybe God wants to prepare you?

So once Jesus started ministering, He started to get some hate from the very people who admired His advanced knowledge of the law. They came against Him, the One who came to save them. Three and a half years of ministry ended in His crucifixion, a victory that saved the world.

So there you have it, this was how His life was. Don’t listen to those other heretics claim that Jesus went to India and learnt yoga so that He can survive the crucifixion. Neither did He sail to England to learn English as many speculators assume. He was in Israel, doing his Fathers’ will.

You was on His mind the entire three years. Yes, and more than that….

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