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We know most marriages end tragically, unfortunately by choice, but there is a rare kind of relationship that never misses the heart and eyes of many. And hopefully, one day we would discover the secret…

Years back, I used to go to church every Sunday morning, early enough to sit at the spot I traditionally sat since I had joined.

And every Sunday, without a doubt, an elderly couple would come by me and greet us with ancient smiles. They were in their 80’s, their frail forms hobbling towards their seats before sighing in relief.

The old lady would greet us amicably but the old man would come by me, grip my hand in a firm shake and compliment me, “That’s a good jacket you’re wearing today,” or “You’re looking much younger today, son.”

I would smile or sometimes laugh, and I found that it gave him much satisfaction that he had made someone joyful.

But time passes us every day, every moment, and that is what steals all that we have.

It wasn’t long before the old man passed away suddenly, a man whom I had known for so long gone like his last breath. Grief had struck the family all the way down to the grandchildren, sadness crept in with no one to stop its attack.

But the most sorrowful sight that I encountered was the countenance of the old lady’s face who had missed her life partner of so many years. She hardly smiled as she silently mourned daily, and even though she attended church faithfully every Sunday, it was never the same.

I missed the jokes the old man would say, his infectious smile that had caused many to laugh.

It wasn’t long before the grieving widow passed away too, not long after his death, and the church mourned the passing away of someone so inspirational. It was said the speeches at her funeral was so amazing and impactful, that even those who did not know her would have loved to.

I looked over to the empty seats of where they used to sit every Sunday, knowing it wasn’t the only thing that missed them…