We find in Matthew 5:20, Jesus stated that unless your righteousness surpassed that of the Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of God. In that time, the Pharisees and experts of the Law were considered saints. They were assumed to be the closest to God than anyone else. This might have shocked many people at that time including the experts of the Law. Why? Because they had self-righteousness, not the righteousness of God. This is the reason why Jesus emphasised in doing good deeds in secret in Matthew 6. Most of the things that the Pharisees did was for a show so that people would respect and honour them.

If we want to be real Christians, we need to show the world Christ and His Gospel. Not how good we are and how close we are to God. Pray in your closet. Give when no one is watching. Fast in a way that no one knows…

Are we doing things for people because they are watching or are we doing it because God is watching?

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