Dating ruins people’s lives. Literally. You might ask how? It’s quite simple yet complex.

Soul Ties.

A soul tie is a connection in the spiritual realm between you and someone else. You have a soul tie with your Christian friend. That is a healthy soul tie. If you have ungodly friends, frequent association with them can cause an unhealthy soul tie. You have a soul tie with your parents, your siblings and whoever you have a relationship with but when it comes to intimate relations, that’s where the trouble begins….

Many claim that soul ties can only form if the relationship was sexual. Not exactly. Sex will increase the strength of the soul tie but that doesn’t mean that it’s not there if it wasn’t done. It’s actually all to do with the mind and the soul.

In 1 Samuel 18:1, we find that David and Jonathan had a soul tie even though they were just friends.


As mentioned before, it is a proven fact that if you break up with someone, the more you want to be with them. Why? Because there is a soul tie. It’s like two pieces of paper stuck together with the glue of time and expectation. If you pull the pages apart, it will start to rip. a piece of the first page will be stuck on the second and vice versa. I guess it’s why we say “they got attached’ to each other.

Now unhealthy soul ties can affect your walk with God especially if the person you dated wasn’t really a good Christian. This means that the soul tie must be broken! That means that if you have anything that they gave you and it reminds you of them, throw it away! Don’t keep it. Also, you need to pray for God to break every soul tie so that you can be free.

You might also want to renounce every promise you made to that person like: “I will love you forever”; That is a vow that you have to renounce.

Pray before you go into a relationship. This can save you from a lot of heartache and pain.

How does dating harm you?

It’s like this…

You date someone. You get attached to them. You actually love them. You even kissed. Held hands. Maybe something you not supposed to do. Whatever….

Then you broke up for whatever reason.

You go through a state of depression because you miss them. Your soul actually longs for them. You wish you could see them again. You hope to see them at the mall or on the way to work.

Then you get over them.

You meet someone new.

And you will compare that person with your ex. The way this person kisses or holds your hand or whatever. You will always be comparing and never happy because a part of that person is in you.

The cycle continues.

And when marriage begins, you might be unhappy with the so many souls that are attached to you.


Pray that every soul tie that is not of God to be broken. Pray before going into a relationship. ( Next post will be about exes.)

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  1. Theres hope in Jesus & no broken heart God cannot make new! Thats the promise we have. Its something we can hold on to! Literally anything can break our heart. A relationship, a job, etc etc so many things. If theres no sex I dont believe theres a “soul tie” imo. It can be difficult but we need to remember to keep God 1st! 💖💖💖🙌🙌🙌

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