I should not have existed.

But God had other plans.

After my Mum married my Dad she found out that she was barren. My parents were not willing to accept this so they decided to go on a forty hour fast. Shortly after, my Mum became pregnant. This didn’t really please some people so they stated that since that some relatives of my Mum were mentally challenged, I would be the same. On the spiritual side, there were many efforts made to take my life. My Mum would recite Psalms 91 over me everyday.

A woman gives birth after 36 weeks. After 40 weeks, my Mum had experienced no contractions whatsoever. Calling the doctor for advice, they were told to come to the hospital immediately. They decided to perform induced labour in order to start contractions so that I could be born. It didn’t work. I just couldn’t come out. They had to resort to Caesarean birth.

They gave my Mum a shot of Epidural which numbs you from the waist down. My Mum held my Dad’s hand as the scalpel sunk into the flesh along the lower stomach. The excruciating pain that my Mum felt caused her to crush my Dad’s hand and he commanded the doctors to give the anaesthetic. After my Mum became unconscious, my Dad was told to leave the operating theatre.

After they had managed to remove me surgically, they called my Dad in, who at the first glance, thought I was deformed. My head was elongated, (Guess it was all the brain power!) but since the skull of an infant is not well structured yet, my parents massaged it to shape. They then took me to get me cleaned, and while I was in the hospital, the nurses tried to feed me. They were unsuccessful. So they didn’t. I just wouldn’t eat. I started to turn blue because I needed  nutrients. In the nick of time, my Dad returned to check up on me. He saw what happened and made sure I ate something. He scolded the nurses for their negligence.

So with the many attacks against my existence, I know one thing for sure, that I’m alive for a purpose. God has purposely saved me from many tragedies that could have happened. I’m here for a reason and I will not back down in my faith. I have too much proof to let it all go.

I may not see the finish line but I know why I started running.

You may say  “I wish my life was like that” but in all truth, it is. We come so close to death every day that we just don’t see it. In my case, the dangers could be seen and death may have seemed close but every one faces it even if they are oblivious to the fact. God has a plan for your life! There is a reason why you are breathing right now…….

Just because your life feels like nothing is happening doesn’t mean that God isn’t using you. He is preparing you. God is protecting you from danger you don’t even know about.


So after a while, my Mum broke down because I wasn’t eating. I just wouldn’t eat! My Dad decided to take over. He used a syringe to feed me just so that I could get some nutrients into my body. It was a while before I started eating normally.


My Dad taught me the Bible everyday. In fact, he made sure that I knew the books of the Bible in chronological order so that I could find any scripture in a flash. We would have sword drills where I would verse my sister to see who would open to the scripture the fastest. I’m sure you know who won….

I memorized a lot of Biblical verses and when I came to sunday school, everyone assumed I knew everything.

But I wasn’t a Christian….


No one is born a Christian. It is a decision you have to make to serve Christ wholeheartedly. My Dad decided we needed to be baptized. So attending a baptism study, the pastor asked if anyone had not accepted Christ as their saviour. That wednesday night, the 21st of January 2009, I made the best decision of my entire life.

I was baptized four days later at the age of 13. So I have been a Christian for almost a decade! And yes, the journey has been glorious! I’m very much excited for what is to come in the race that lies ahead…..

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  1. Great testimony! Satan definitely wanted you out of this world, but the Lord prevailed because He has a special purpose for you! Keep speaking out for Him! God bless!

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