So I have this annoying smartphone that drives me crazy! It keeps on freezing and when I need to do the most important things, it decides to take an interval. It is most fortunate when you are in a rush and you need to get something done and then everything goes still motion picture.

So i tap the Instagram icon an that gives a command to the motherboard of the smartphone to open the application. The CPU spins to obey this command. However, if your RAM is too full or too slow, the action is delayed or not carried out at all.

I have a Hisense smartphone. One must understand that Hisense also makes refrigerators and this is why my device always freezes.

Sometimes I get so mad at this phone I literally take it and smack it against a wall or any solid object around me. Not too hard otherwise, I’ll break my phone. And no, it doesn’t change anything.


I wonder how God feels when He gives us a command and we don’t do it? Or we delay the action we were supposed to carry out? Yet God isn’t ever really mad at us. He is always caring and never hates us. He loves us all the time. If our lives depended upon obedience, all of us would have been dead by now. But here we, dressed in Grace and because of the Cross, we have eternal life and many second chances.

So when you are given a command, do your best to carry it out with swiftness, because someone might be depending upon your action, and you could miss the opportunity of changing someone’s life. Don’t be frozen. Move.

So remember, next time your smartphone or laptop freez—-

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