Since everyone is not infallible, it is possible to make mistakes. You may have been led by your emotions to be involved in a relationship that you weren’t supposed to. This caused you to have an ex.

Personally, I don’t have any exes because I live by this motto:

A smart man makes a mistake and he learns from it. A wise man, however, will learn from the smart man and miss the mistake altogether.

Am I any better than anyone else? No. Will my marriage better than yours? Never! It is God that makes marriages to last. People just need to involve Him in it.


What annoys me the most is the talk of exes. If you are in a new relationship, FORGET YOUR EX!

Broke up recently? FORGET YOU EX!

You get people who talk for hours about how bad their ex was and what they did. Wait a minute…. you dated this girl right? You had a relationship with him right? It’s not like they put a gun to your head and forced you to be in that relationship. You made a choice! Technically, it is also your fault so stop blaming people. Stop blaming yourself and move on.

This blog post was instigated by these Instagram posts that stated the following:

If you still hate your ex, you are still not ready for a relationship and the chances are that you will compare your current significant other to that person.

Look, it might be hard to grasp but that ex will meet a significant other and live happily married for the rest of your life while you are still grieving the loss. So keep your eyes on God, He will lead you to the One that will love you like Christ…..

Don’t get into a relationship with someone who is not Christminded. Do not be unequally yoked. A lot of Christians keep away from dating non-Christians. But they must keep away from self proclaimed Christians too. There are guys who act Christian so that they can get a girlfriend in Church. Ladies, stay away from them. They will lead you astray. And yes, it works both ways. Vice Versa.

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