Candlelight dinner with fine soft music and the atmosphere is considered romantic.

But what if romance actually doesn’t exist? What is romance anyway? If you say that romance does exist, then why does it? People are often infatuated by others who they are attracted to, however, that attraction is not based on character or personality. Anymore. Rather, it is highly emphasised on appearances and possessions.

Therefore since discretion is not present, romance replaces character. Scientists say that when a person has a crush on someone, their brain automatically perceives them as perfect and all red lights cannot be seen.

It is not that love is blind. It is that love sees with a painters eye, finding the essence that renders all else background. – Robert Brault.

Let’s face it, romance is about pleasing someone by changing who we really are so that they may like us. This is quite unhealthy as after marriage, they two amazing actors cannot keep the show going. They then find the ‘real version’ of the person they married. It’s not that they changed. No, not at all. This is who they really are.

The bait looks good until we find the hook. Same with romance. The bait is the good impressions and the hook is reality. Romance isn’t constant. So why can’t people be real? Maybe they would have loved you anyway? Your marriage would last longer. Love does not see the spouse as perfect. No, no, no. it knows the imperfections, and yet still chooses to love. This is true love. The way Christ showed it.

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