Discarding my thoughts,
Rebuilding my forts,
I went to war
Earned a scar
But still no victory
A forsaken mystery
Broke up but never breakdown
I survived the takedown
Got no more chains
Getting rid of these stains

Love is a language
I listened to you speak
Now I'm covered in bandage
You're not the accent I seek

Now I don't see Her the same way
My innocence lost in captivity
No matter what they say
I can't see love with positivity

It might be that whatever I write
Manifests into reality
Now I'm a character on pages of white
Adopting the same mentality

What did I say? What did I do?
To deserve what was given
I gave a love so real, so true
Yet received a wrong so easily forgiven

Can't hide the shame
Strapped to my name
I played with the flame
And I'm only to blame

Can I go back in time?
To rid me this crime
A friend became an ex
A culture of 'Thank you, next"

This is not what I wanted
This wasn't my plan
My thoughts are haunted
And no one seems to understand

Keeping my eyes on the future
But the rearview mirror mocks
They say it's just human nature
But I can't open these locks...

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