In the previous article of Calvinism, I literally tore it apart with logic and scripture. It set some people free but some stubborn Calvinists still don’t get the picture. They are worshipping manmade doctrine. Some of these Calvinists worship their leaders. John Macarthur stated that John Calvin is his hero. Really? These Calvinists are so blinded that they will believe any preacher who is a Calvinist. They don’t read the Bible for themselves. Their interpretation is what others think and not the truth that the Holy Spirit reveals. Oh wait! They don’t believe that Holy Spirit works today because they are cessationist! No healing can take place, no prophecy, not speaking in tongues, nothing! You must just look at what they have said.

If you are predestined to be saved before the creation of the world, how can you lose your salvation? Makes sense doesn’t it?
So the blood of Jesus is symbolic? Hmm… so his death wasn’t real? That explains the limited atonement?
I never knew that all Christians were perfect! No one sins? If they did, they are not saved. If they don’t they a liar!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You just contradicted yourself pal!

The most logical explanation when it comes to God’s sovereignty and human freedom is Molinism. Luis Molina (1535-1600) stated that God has complete sovereignty and man has complete freedom. God is always in control and humans has free will to a certain degree. For example, you don’t have free will to whether you will die or not. Or whether you will be sick or not. That happens inevitably. But God has extensive knowledge. He knows the future and all the possibilities of it. If X happens then Y will happen…

God made man in His own image. John Calvin decided to return the favour.

So God wills some things for His purpose and plan and other things He allows for it to happen. His purpose and plans will happen but a man has a choice of where he wants to spend eternity.

Let’s look at TULIP.

Total Depravity – This is correct. Man is a slave to sin.

Unconditional Election – Nope. it’s unconditional Love. God loves everyone. John 3:16

Limited Atonement – Utter blasphemy! They say that Jesus’ blood was not enough. Not powerful. Sorry folks, I chose my favourites and the rest goes to hell.

Irresistible Grace – Grace is given to everyone but people can reject it. You can trample it. Hebrew 10:29

Perseverance of the Saints – Why do they need to persevere if they are predestined to heaven? Doesn’t make sense, does it?


God is only going to save some? Let’s look at 1 Timothy 4:10

That is why we labour and strive because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of ALL people, and especially of those who believe.

Scripture states that God is the saviour of all men. Potentially speaking. Not some! Christ came to die for everyone so that they can be saved. Judas may have betrayed Jesus but he could have repented after. the Jews that killed Jesus could have repented too.

Now here’s something you should think about. If you are dead in your sins and cannot choose God because you are dead, then sin is the cause of death right? A Calvinist believes that God chose them to be saved and then raised them to life spiritually. Okay cool. But you still sin right? That means you would be dead again and still a sinner! Sorry, but the theory of Calvinism is wrong. You may be dead in your sins but you still got a choice.

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  1. Great discussion! I’ve never studied Calvinism, but I also struggle with the concept that God would pick some and cast others into Hell.

    Currently, I believe that sinful people reject God’s gift of salvation through Christ. God longs for ALL to be saved, so how could He intentional forsake some?

    1. If you’ve never studied Calvinism, don’t take anything this guy seriously. Go study it for yourself. He has no clue what he is talking about.

        1. I left an entire comment refuting EVERY point of this post, but the author only approved my initial reply to you. In fact, it’s likely a waste of time to reply to you now because the author won’t approve it. The author CLEARLY doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and it is amazing that he so strongly refutes the straw men he built. I mean, look at the way he misrepresented Paul Washer on “FALSE CONVERSION” and ask yourself, if he can’t accurately represent what Washer was saying, how could he ever deal with anything theologically heavy? If you want to understand Calvinism begin with the London Baptist Confession of Faith, the Canons of Dort, and then perhaps move into the Belgic Confession of Faith. The Author should be absolutely ashamed that he has not only been a proponent to pure ignorance, but it’s quite sad that he couldn’t post up my response because he simply COULDNT given how much he butchered the subject here.

          1. I would have approved it but it has disappeared from my comments section. I tried looking for it because i wanted to reply to it. I can’t help it if its gone. I thought you deleted it.

    1. Yup, clearly doesn’t, at all. I love when people try to tell me what I believe. I posted an entire response to every point made here, but the author lacked the spine to address or post it.

      1. That’s okay, I’ll be writing a third blog on Calvinism. You want truth? Step into my fortress. I apologise for all the corpses. It’s a mess right now but I never had a chance to put these heresies in the coffins…

  2. For once in my life, I’d like to see a well-thought out, fair critique of Calvinism. This post doesn’t do that. It’s full of straw men and misrepresentations. Please understood Calvinists correctly before you critique. 🙂

      1. No, I would just like accurate critiques. By all means, disagree with Calvinism and, by all means, seek to show how it’s not true! But while you do that, please give fair representations of it, because what you are posting is not what Calvinists believe.

          1. Surely, there are some Calvinists who are Hyper-Calvinists, of whom I would not even say they are Christian. However, again, please just attempt to represent the teachings of Calvinism faithfully. Most of the time when Calvinism is critiqued, we have to say, “We don’t believe that either.”

          2. You define double predestination and then I will tell you if I believe it. Many times, if somebody said “Yes” to your question, we’d be saying yes to something we don’t actually believe. So, define it first.

      2. And nobody is “tickling my ears.” Tickling ears mean you listen to people that tell you what you want to hear. Do you think my sinful nature wants to hear that I’m depraved? Certainly not! Ha.

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