After a successful launch of her debut book, A Shepherd King, Chanelle Fairlene Pillay has published her first Christian fictionAway from Yesterday.


Sometimes moving forward means going back…Riddled with guilt and having turned his back on his faith, family, and the love of his life, Tyler Hill promised himself that he would never return to his hometown- where the memory of that one foolish night from twelve years ago changed the course of the lives of everyone he loved. When his grandfather passes away, Tyler has no choice but to go back home – forcing him to come face to face with the unfulfilled promises, shattered dreams, and a love he once left behind. In this emotional story of tragedy, longing, and family, could a few days back home be enough to remind Tyler that somewhere on the road between condemnation and God’s grace, he has not been forgotten? 


Packed with hardcore scripture and intrinsic life lessons, this novel promises page-turning drama in every chapter, ending with suspense that makes the reader desperate for the next. The thought-provocative dialogues and heart-wrenching emotions within the lines set hope in the reader’s heart that the book will never end yet eager to reach its completion. Away from Yesterday is Christian fiction at its best with the Gospel message entwined within its pages. The evidence of divine inspiration weaves through the story, edifying the reader right through the chapters. I recommend this book to all Christian readers. It is bound to inspire.

Chanelle Fairlene Pillay is a South African author and attorney who attends The Supernatural Church. She writes to inspire, edify, and encourage the church. Her books aim to glorify God. You can find her on:

Facebook – Chanelle Fairlene Pillay

Instagram – chanelle.fairlene

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