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Truth Series Part 5

So if we look at the complete opposite of Calvinism, we see a few flaws at this doctrine. Jacobus Arminius spoke against John Calvin’s theology which was quite risky at the time. However, his doctrine broke through the barriers of peoples minds causing a rift in the church. Basically, Arminianism states that you do have a choice. A choice to choose Christ as opposed to Calvinism that states that no matter what you do, you are either chosen or not.

Here are the flaws of Arminianism: It’s works orientated. Everything is about the works you perform, if there are no works, then you are not saved.

One must understand that we do not do good deeds to be saved, we are saved to do good works…

If you make your salvation about works then you are making the blood of Jesus worthless in your perspective. You use your salvation to do good, you don’t do good things to keep your salvation. Remember, Muslims have to do good in order to enter Junna (Paradise), if we are Arminianists, then we are no different from a Muslim.

In Luke 23:39-43, we find the bandit that was crucified next to Jesus, he believed while he was dying and Jesus assured his salvation with these words: Today, you will be with me in paradise…

The bandit did not do any works, he wasn’t even baptised! He only believed. So many are focused on works that they miss Christ in the confusion. That was Martha’s mistake! Luke 10:38-42

If you really believed in Christ, you would be moved into action, not the other way around. There’s not an angel standing by your salvation switch who’s turning it off and on based on your everyday decisions. Salvation is a free gift, you can’t earn it. God is not paying you a salvation package for the things you do.

So don’t live for man, live for Christ, He is the one who died for you and He’s the only one who can give you eternal life…