I have never been to an airport before but I know one thing, the moment you buy a ticket to Paris, you are still in the same country that you are in. You still have to go through customs and you definitely have to wait a lot. Once you are on the aeroplane, you are still not in Paris. When the plane takes off, you are still not in Paris. You reach altitude, you are still not in Paris. You fly for hours…..but still you are not in Paris. 

Eventually, you land in Paris and your breath is taken away by the beauty and magnificence of this great capital. And you are then convinced that it was worth the wait.

Our lives can be described as such, we wait upon God for something that we know He has promised. We have laboured in prayer for something we need, but nothing has happened as yet. We then start asking questions…. why is God not answering my prayer? Why am I still here? Why is nothing changing? And sometimes we give up hope….

Godly things come to those who wait…

We should never give up. We should go on and keep trusting in God. He will come through for us no matter what. We just need to wait on Him and believe in His promise. Believe that He will answer your prayer. Romans 8:28; all things work for good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

God is setting up the stage and for His plan to play out. He is arranging the situations and incidents to bring what He wants in your life. At the same time, he is also changing circumstances to bring His plan to fulfillment in the lives of others. So that it works for ALL and ALL will give Him glory.

So trust God and continue to seek Him because your time is coming……

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