So I had an apologetic debate with someone a while back via text. I’ve changed the name to ‘Person’ for privacy of identity. Enjoy!


Kristian M. Marion: Do you believe in Jesus?


Person: I’m universal

Person: My partner is Christian and I’m Hindi. We respect our cultures.


Kristian Marion: You believe in all religion?


Person: Yes


Kristian Marion: But all religions contradict each other.


Person: They don’t, it’s man that contradicts.


Kristian Marion: Most religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism claim that in order to go to heaven, one must do good works.

Christianity says that good works cannot save you, only Jesus can save.

(I’m not trying to convert you.)


Person: Ok every religion has its own view.


Kristian Marion: If every religion is different, only one cań possess the truth. It’s your choice to follow the right one.

You choose which one is right.


Person: Every religion teaches to have morals and values, that’s why I respect them. If it wasn’t for the teachings we wouldn’t have order in mankind. If we have a good human being in Hinduism and in Christianity, they both value the purpose of life. Who are we to judge that persons existence? Do we look at another’s person’s religion below the eye?


Kristian Marion: True. We have spiritual laws that we must abide by. But can you look me in the eye and say that you have never sinned in your entire life?


Person: Every one sins….


Kristian Marion: True. Since a wrong has been done, you cannot go back and change it. Therefore you are to be punished, unless someone takes your place. For me, that would be Jesus.  In your situation your good would have to outweigh your bad in order to enter heaven.


Person: Who ever told you that is wrong. We are on earth to repent for our sins. And only by repenting can we go to heaven. It’s God’s duty to build our character for guiding what’s right and wrong. We are here only for a purpose. It’s sad that religions have become like parliament. That clutches us

If I have done wrong then it’s the man of God that thought me wrong that I had to slide…

If you had a girlfriend of a different culture, you would see her beautiful and attracted to her morals and value systems. It is cause of her religion that she was able to possess these qualities. Is that wrong? God treats us as individuals and grade as a mass.


Kristian Marion: Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to break up your relationships.

Imagine you appear before a judge for a serious crime.

Can you say:


Sorry judge, I repent of my crimes. Please don’t send me to jail.




Judge, Instead of putting me in prison, let me do community service.


The answer would be ‘No’ because it wouldn’t be justice.


Person: That’s human rule…


Kristian Marion: Yes. That’s human laws. But humans have flaws which mean God’s law is greater and his standard is higher.  His standard is perfection. How much more guilty are we then?

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